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Supercharge your YouTube ranking and video performance instantly with our Music Video Promotion service

We promote your YouTube video to the right audience, resulting in comments, likes, and new subscribers. Through one of the world's largest YouTube Playlist networks, your content gets featured in bars, restaurants, and gyms, boosting watch time and ensuring organic growth.

Targeted YouTube Music Promotion

(Your video will be displayed in the top position of YouTube search results, in the “recommended videos for you” section, or before another video)


  • Select up to 6 target countries
  • Select up to 20 keywords/similar artists


  • Select up to 8 target countries
  • Select up to 30 keywords/similar artists

YouTube Playlist Promotion

(Your video will be placed on top-ranked YouTube playlists)


  • 1-2 Playlist Placements


  • 2-4 Playlist Placements

Pros and cons of each promotion

Targeted YouTube Promotion


  • Precise audience targeting based on Similar Artists, Similar Songs, and Targeted Countries.
  • Elevated interaction rates (Comments, Subscribers, Likes, Shares) compared to YouTube Playlisting, as we target your exact audience who enjoy similar songs.
  • Capable of generating high numbers of views, up to 20 million.
  • Expedited turnaround compared to YouTube Playlisting, with campaigns typically completed within 7 to 14 business days.


  • Inability to promote explicit content (alcohol, drugs, violence, sexual scenes, curse words).
  • Reduced watch time since viewers may not always watch the video in its entirety.

YouTube Playlist Promotion


  • Our playlists are frequently played at bars, clubs, restaurants, and other venues, offering passive promotion benefits such as Shazam recognition.
  • The ideal platform for promoting explicit content (alcohol, drugs, violence, sexual scenes, curse words) on YouTube.
  • Effective for increasing Watch Time, as videos are typically played in their entirety.
  • Favorable for YouTube algorithms, as high watch time indicates popularity.


  • Lower interaction rates (comments, likes, subscribers) due to the nature of playlist streaming.
  • Higher pricing due to placement on top-ranked playlists, providing exposure alongside major artists on YouTube.
  • Limited to a maximum of 50,000 views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, your channel will not be penalized. Most social platforms, including YouTube, permit users to run campaigns to promote their music video. The views you receive when we start a YouTube music promotion for you are all organic and legitimate. You can verify these views within your YouTube Studio application.

Submitting your first campaign for Music Promotion on YouTube takes less than 3 minutes. Simply provide us with the music video you want to promote, along with information such as your selected keywords and target countries. Our marketing professionals will take it from there and create your campaign.

With our YouTube Playlisting service, you can generate revenue through AdSense. However, it’s important to note that you cannot earn money with Targeted YouTube Music Promotion. Our primary objective is to garner views and likes for your video, and we aim to achieve this efficiently. Enabling AdSense during your Targeted YouTube music promotion can potentially decrease conversion rates and hinder the effectiveness of our service. Therefore, it is recommended to disable AdSense for the duration of your campaign.

The views we deliver are from real people. Our service doesn’t use BOTS or click farms. And we never pay people to watch videos. The traffic we provide is organic, and the views are verifiable with YouTube Creator Studio analytics. None of our actions will cause YouTube to delete your video. Our approach ensures authenticity and integrity in YouTube music marketing.

Our goal is to get your video seen by real people. We don’t guarantee that viewers will subscribe, like, or comment. It’s up to the user if they take any other action after viewing the video.

It’s possible that viewers will subscribe to your channel, like your video, and even leave a comment. But it’s also possible that you’ll receive dislikes and negative comments. We recommend that you learn from the feedback you receive to make future videos better. Typically, eighty percent of our campaigns do encourage engagement from viewers but it’s not guaranteed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid services or people who guarantee comments, likes, or subscribers on YouTube. They’ll likely use fake accounts or inactive accounts that won’t have a positive impact on your channel. Our service aims to genuinely promote a music video, fostering organic growth and meaningful interactions.

Certainly! You can promote a music video more than one at a time.

Your video is seen by real people. That means the views, likes, and comments they leave do remain after the campaign is finished. Our approach ensures authenticity and integrity in music promotion on YouTube, fostering genuine engagement with your content.

Yes, the views are visible. Check the “Reach” report in the “Analytics” section of Creator Studio. Views from your campaign will appear as “YouTube Advertising” when you booked Targeted YouTube Music Promotion or as “YouTube Playlisting” when you booked YouTube Playlist Promotion.

We accept payments by credit card. If you are located in Europe, we can also facilitate payment via bank transfer. For this payment option, please reach out to us via the contact field below. Additionally, we offer the option to pay via cryptocurrency. For further details on this option, please contact us using the provided contact information.

YouTube Music Promo Benefits

100% Organic

You can be sure that your video is being watched by real people. We never use bots or pay anyone to watch it. Our goal is to promote a Music Video authentically to engage genuine viewers.


By the end of your campaign, you’ll receive a detailed report that includes your YouTube music video promotion performance.


We love working with channels both big and small. Specializing in Music Promotion on YouTube, we can handle budgets of any size to help you grow your popularity.


Our leading strategies create success. See some of our success stories with over 100’s of millions real views. Success isn’t built on hope.

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