Top Questions Asked

No, they will not penalize your channel. Most social platforms, including YouTube, allow users to use campaigns to promote their content. The views you get when we start a YouTube campaign for you are all legal.

No, you can’t earn money with Adsense. Our goal is to get views and likes for your video. And we want to do this as quickly as possible. Adsense decreases conversion rates and makes our service less effective. It’s recommended that you disable Adsense for the duration of your YouTube ad campaign.

It takes less than 5 minutes to submit your first campaign. You give us the video you want to use with the campaign. And then provide us with information such as your selected keywords and target countries. Our marketing professionals take it from there and create your campaign.

Campaigns are generally started within 24 hours of submission. We start the campaign by testing various audiences to see who is most responsive to your video.

Quality of Our Work

We begin testing the potential success rate of your video. Testing is accomplished by using algorithms and machine learning software to track the performance of the campaign. Tests reveal information such as which keywords work best, what age group responds most favorably to your video, which gender is most likely to view your video, and more. You should start seeing the results of your campaign following the first 24 hours.

Campaigns typically last for 3 to 5 days. But you can choose a duration between 1 and 10 days.

The views we deliver are from real people. Our service doesn’t use BOTS or click farms. And we never pay people to watch videos. The traffic we provide is organic, and the views are verifiable with YouTube Creator Studio analytics. None of our actions will cause YouTube to delete your video.

Yes, we guarantee that our service will deliver views for your video. In the event that the campaign is unsuccessful, you’ll receive a refund if funds remain in your account.

Our goal is to get your video seen by real people. We don’t guarantee that viewers will subscribe, like, or comment. It’s up to the user if they take any other action after viewing the video.


It’s possible that viewers will subscribe to your channel, like your video, and even leave a comment. But it’s also possible that you’ll receive dislikes and negative comments. We recommend that you learn from the feedback you receive to make future videos better. Typically, eighty percent of our campaigns do encourage engagement from viewers but it’s not guaranteed.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid services or people who guarantee comments, likes, or subscribers on YouTube. They’ll likely use fake accounts or inactive accounts that won’t have a positive impact on your channel.

Your video is seen by real people. That means the views, likes, and comments they leave do remain after the campaign is finished.

Yes. It’s easy. Just submit a new campaign for each video.

Yes, the views are visible. Check the “Reach” report in the “Analytics” section of Creator Studio. Views from your campaign will appear as “YouTube Advertising.”

Most likely, yes. But it’s normal to see watch times and audience retention rates slightly lower or similar to your existing average.

Because of your existing subscribers, your organic retention will likely appear higher. That’s because you’ll also get views from your existing subscribers. But out of the new viewers, your promotion may not appeal to everyone.

Our goal is to help you find viewers who will become subscribers. These people will watch your new videos as well as older videos. And as you gain more subscribers, your videos will receive more watch time. This is the perfect combination for channel growth and improved rankings.

We promote a variety of channels. The channel topics we’ve worked with include musicians, gamers, comedians, news, vloggers, families, self-help, religious, travel, education and more. We also work with small channels, big channels, and budgets of all sizes.

Yes. Our service can promote a video even if you don’t have channel access.